Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Laguna del Gosque,Nature Reserve.

2 Km to the east of the Villa Cabreros is the small Nature reserve,the Laguna del Gosque.
This small reserve is well secluded from the road and provides a  natural sancturary for wildlife in the area.
It is a seasonal salt water lake,that normally dries out in the hot summer months,leaving a small baronless desert in the middle of the olive groves. With the coming of the first rains in the autumn,the lake slowly springs back into life.At first,what looks like an oasis,the wading birds can be seen feeding.As the days pass and with more rain in the air ,the oasis turns into a small lake, getting larger as winter draws on. This heralds the return of the Pink Flamingos, small flocks arrive daily to feed in the saline waters. A wide variety of bird life can be seen on the shores, feeding a long the waters edge we find shovelers,red knobbed coots,malards,to name but a few.
The lake is surrounded by olive groves and cultivated land,with reeds,canes,tamarik and glasswort growing along the shores.
A picnic and brabque area has been developed about 100 meters from the lake anda small pathway will take you down to the lake.
The Luguna del Gosque is easily accessed from Martin de la Jara,about a kilometer out on the Pedrera road(A353).

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