Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Activity Holidays, Humaventura.


If its an activity holiday you want in Andalucia.Well look on further. In the next town to us,in Campillos,in the provice of Malaga, you will find Humaventura. 
A professionaly run organisation,specialising in outdoor 
activities from caving to horse riding and much more.
Join their groups,meet new friends,open your mind to a different world and make your dreams a reality. Discover the beauty of the surrounding area in Andalucia,walk on paths from yester years and forgotten by the people of today.Ascend the mountains and descend into caves and create an adventure as you travel through it.
As well as adventurous activities in the surrounding area, day trip excursions,weekend and 
longer activity holidays are organised by Humaventura
For anyone interested in outdoor activities with Humaventura,please contact them direct.
For accommodation,please contact Peter at the Villa Cabreros .

All activity photographs an the Villa Cabreros website are courtesy of Humaventura.