Thursday, 21 May 2009

Old Road to Osuna


With the modernisation of                     the road infrastructure in Andalucia,many of the old roads have been lost or forgotten about. But many have survived             through lack of use and only are used by people travelling to  work on  outlying farms and in the olive groves .One such road, is the old road from Los Corrales to Osuna,in the province of Sevilla,Andalucia,the Camino de Repla or the Camino Blanco as it is sometimes called,due to the white stone used on it.
For Walking ,Hiking or Cycling,this is a paradise,and virtually traffic free . A peaceful setting as you leave Los Corrales ,on a carpet of white stone. With the sounds of the husel and busel of everyday life left behind you,the sounds of the countryside take over.A warm gentle breeze whistles through the olives,with the sound of birds singing as they fly from tree to tree.
A journey of about 20km which will take you to the old town of Osuna,via good arable 
farmland,olive groves and rugged countryside,with small hills lining your way.The road 
meanders it way,like a river seeking the sea and as you pass, the ruins of old farmhouses  talk to 
you in the wind. The shepherds guide their flocks of sheep and herds of goats through this 
wilderness of hills and olives,just grazing the day away.

Follow the Camino de Repla ,from Los Corrales to Osuna on our Google map on the Location pages on our website

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  1. Osuna is a beautifull town with lots of historic buildings and of course a few shops for the wife. The view from the church on the top of the hill is really fantastic.
    Had a great time touring around using Villa Cabreros a base, Osuna, Estepa, Antequera are all very close, easy to spend a full day in each. The country side is astounding, rolling hills, mountains and flat plains all in the one area. Will be back again in August.

    Seamus & Joan