Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wolves in Andalucia,Lobo Park,Antequera.

For most of us, the only place we will see a wolf, , is in a Zoo or on the TV. But here in Andalucia,near
Antequera, we have the opportunity to see a variety of different types of wolves living in semi wild conditions.
About 10 minute out of Antequera, on the A343 to Alora, we can find Lobo Park, nestled in a valley between the olive groves.
Drive in and park the car, take a short stroll up to reception centre,and you will find theres more to Lobo Park than just wolves. Horses ,mules, goats,pigs and a few more unexpected guests live here.
With your guides being able to talk 3 or more languages, everyone can understand what is going on and how the Park is progressing.
On the tour of the park your first stop is in Petting zoo. an ideal setting for children (and adults) to learn about and get close to some of the domesticated animals,that are here. See the Iberian and pot bellied pigs, be amused at the great escape artists, the goats, constantly breaking out of their enclosure and breaking into the pens of the other animals and stealing their food .And as you walk up to visit the hens, peacocks and foxes, you are aware that you are being watched from other enclosures by Dingoes and wolves that are located nearby.
Moving to the other side of the park, you will encounter different enclosures for the different types of wolves, the Canadian Timber wolf, the Alaskan Tundra wolf, the European wolf and the Iberian wolf. Each enclosure has its own viewpoint and here you will learn and see the way of the wolf pack.
Lobo park is 45 minutes from the Villa Cabreros.

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